When tomorrow comes

Orbiting the galaxy, a dazzling blue celestial sphere,
Which envelopes everything the nature holds dear.

Sparkling clear blue water in the rivers flow,
Mountains are adorned with glistening white snow.

Melodious tunes the brightly coloured birds sing,
The clean fresh air elicits the wish to unfurl your wings.

Rain drenched petrichor scent wafting through the ground,
Freshness spreading through lush greenery all around.

This was the world I would get to see,
Our Father in Heaven had promised me.

But all I get to see is a world so dark,
Where my forefathers have left their gluttonous mark.

Mercilessly they stole away all the colors of nature,
If only for a moment they had thought about the future!

All the valuable luxuries of nature were looted by them,
I wish, I could have seen the real nature’s gem.

No trees are there, all rivers have dried,
The birds don’t sing, trust me; I have tried.

Inhaling the morning freshness, I dont dare,
My breath gets choked in this obnoxious air.

Under the pretext of development all is lost,
For naturally available things, now I need to pay a high cost.

Water is bottled and so is the oxygen I breathe,
Nature is wearing a dead man’s wreath.

Now its for me to take up and undo the wrongs they have done,
Then my future generations will surely thank me tonne.

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